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“Looking to the future, you want flexibility.”

– John Cain, CEO of Loot

We recently interviewed one of our new clients, John Cain, CEO of Loot, to discover why they chose LoanPro over our competitors. 

Loot is an innovative lending company that helps other businesses gain access to working capital, their primary loan product being merchant cash advances (MCA). Originally Loot chose one of LoanPro’s competitors, but they quickly realized the competitor wasn’t equipped to handle Loot’s unique lending model. After so many months, Loot discovered LoanPro’s flexible and configurable lending platform. 

These are the key outcomes outlined in our case study that Loot has enjoyed by transitioning to LoanPro:

  • Consolidation of loan portfolio onto a single, scalable platform
  • Ability to create unique lending products that drives sustainable growth
  • Increased operational efficiency by consolidating loan portfolios

Read the full case study here.