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LoanPro announces the launch of Accrued, a podcast series in collaboration with Fintech Confidential. This podcast series features the top industry leaders providing real-world and practical insights into fintech, innovation, lending, and credit.

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LoanPro, the API-first, modern lending and credit platform, announced today the launch of their podcast series, Accrued, in partnership with Tedd Huff and Fintech Confidential.

Hosted by Tedd Huff, the Founder and CEO of Voalyre and an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in fintech, Fintech Confidential brings listeners closer to the “people, tech, and companies” making a significant impact in the financial world. 

The Accrued series by Fintech Confidential,  presented by LoanPro, provides fresh, digestible insights on how lending technology is driving increased personalization, modernization, compliance, and optimization across the industry. 

Joining Tedd Huff is LoanPro’s Chief Marketing Officer, Colton Pond. A seasoned marketing executive with deep knowledge of fintech and financial services. “I’ve spent the past six years speaking with thousands of banks, credit unions, and fintechs. We’re looking forward to bringing on the sharpest minds in the industry to share real-world and tangible insights,” said Colton. “We’ve already had some incredible, candid conversations and we’re excited to share these insights with the industry.” Key insights already shared on the podcast include:

  • Mike Dushane, Chief Product Officer at Octane, outlined how they’ve “automated every step of the loan lifecycle from document processing to credit decisioning.”
  • Joe Heck, CEO of Happy Money, emphasized fostering a happier way of lending by using “cash flow position data that reduces customers’ level of stress, which also reduces risk on the loan asset.”
  • Brent Beardall, President & CEO of WaFd Bank, highlighted that in order for regional banks to stay competitive, they need to avoid hubris—a common pitfall he’s observed has led to past bank failures.
  • Scott Johnson, SVP of Business Development at Galileo, advised banks to start core modernization with a “bolt-on approach”, using a modern banking core alongside existing systems while gradually adding features and functionalities before fully migrating.  

With twelve episodes already live and thousands of listeners, the Accrued podcast series is off to a promising start. For the latest episodes and updates, you can follow Fintech Confidential and LoanPro on Linkedin and Twitter. 


Fintech Confidential 

Spencer McWilliams

Product Marketing Specialist