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Lending Compliance

Streamline audits and reduce regulatory risk by automating workflows that comply with regulations, business rules, and capital requirements.


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Managing over $1B in monthly payments for 1,200+ clients, LoanPro empowers the top lenders, fintechs & financial institutions in the industry.

Catch non-compliance before it ships

Minor errors can lead to big regulatory consequences. That’s why we have a multi-layer solution to reduce your risk, including in-house experts who identify and recommend risk-reducing configurations and a fully-featured Sandbox for testing.

  • QA team reviews all releases for errors
  • Secure sandbox to test new configurations
  • Flag non-compliant loans
  • CX team helps identify and solve compliance risks

CFPB ordered over $2.4 Billion in consumer relief in 2022.

Automate for Accuracy

Mitigate manual risk with automations that reduce human error, ensuring workflows adhere to your policies every time. Automate payments, communications, and document storage while gaining access to real-time data and reporting, or even limiting user access to the data and functionality that’s key to their role. 

  • Specify payment application waterfalls and autopay
  • Automatically store borrower communications
  • System of record for all loan activities
  • Direct database access & reporting
  • Generate metro 2 files to send to credit bureaus
  • Role-based permissions and views

Did you know? Regulatory penalties often exceed the consumer relief (payback) amount, with some recent penalties reaching 40x the relief amount.

Compliant Employee Workflows

Use LoanPro’s agent and back office employee workflow templates and tailor them to your needs, resulting in efficient and effective adherence to policies and processes when events arise. Avoid regulatory fees that come from non-compliant handling of borrower interactions, data transmission, and audit trails.

  • CX expertise in unique regulations
  • Adapt process templates to meet business rules
  • Customizable automation triggers
  • OFAC checks done natively
  • Generate disclosure numbers required by TILA
  • Workflow templates for SCRA, Bankruptcy, Fraud, Deceased, and more

Security and Compliance Certifications

“Bare Minimum” isn’t in our vocabulary. LoanPro maintains the highest levels of certification to keep our applications secure and compliant, including PCI-DSS and SOC standards.

Payments & Collections Suite

All the tools needed to store, process, and collect payments in a single platform.

Customer Relationship Manager

Male Tech Support Professional smiling spot photo

Borrower-centric relationship management unlocks new heights of revenue, growth, and operational efficiency.

Building with LoanPro

From out-of-the box processes to custom configurations, build a product offering unique to your business.

Compliance Cover™

Is the fear of regulatory penalties slowing your scale? LoanPro enables lenders with regulatory tools built into our platform. Stay focused on what matters most – growing your business.


There’s no time like your time. Ease of setup, automated workflows, and custom process guides empower your servicing team, ensuring less costly errors and more time on your clock.


Service more loans faster. LoanPro is an operational efficiency powerhouse focused on making your portfolio perform. On average our customers see a 300% uptick in overall efficiencies.

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