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Sarah Howell, a seasoned expert in banking and fintech, joins the LoanPro leadership team as the Vice President of Partnerships, aiming to further enhance the growth strategies of financial institutions and fintechs while also bolstering bank-fintech partnerships.

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LoanPro, the market-leading API-first modern lending and credit platform, is thrilled to announce the appointment of fintech and banking expert Sarah Howell as Vice President of Partnerships. With her extensive background in fostering collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs, Sarah is set to drive growth through innovative partnership strategies for LoanPro. Sarah’s unparalleled expertise in leading partner programs across traditional business models as well as banking-as-a-service models at Visa and Infinant has equipped her for strong success in this new role at LoanPro.

“I am thrilled to contribute to our vision of modernizing infrastructure for financial organizations.”

Collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs has grown significantly over the past five years. In 2019, financial institutions had an average of 1.9 fintech partnerships. Today, financial institutions average 3.7 partnerships with fintechs and 82% plan to increase collaboration over the next three to five years.

Sarah’s role in leading partnerships for LoanPro involves building a partner ecosystem that is designed to advance the growth goals of fintechs, financial institutions, and brands to meet evolving consumer and commercial demands for personalized financial services. Using her deep industry knowledge of embedded finance, credit card processing, and banking technology; Sarah will play an instrumental role in reinventing the collaboration between the entire financial ecosystem, providing strong partnerships and seamless integrations.

“Given the state of the industry, joining LoanPro is a remarkable opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technology to facilitate meaningful partnerships,” Sarah stated. “I am thrilled to contribute to our vision of modernizing infrastructure for financial organizations.”

“We’re confident that Sarah’s leadership will enable us to integrate the necessary ecosystem partners into our API-first credit platform,” emphasized Rhett Roberts, Co-Founder and CEO of LoanPro. “We’ve modernized the financial technology infrastructure by utilizing the same loan management software for credit card processing, and we’re excited for the fintech ecosystem to join us on our mission driving growth and operational efficiency.”

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