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FARMINGTON, Utah, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LoanPro, the leading loan management platform, announced that Carl Pascarella, Former CEO of Visa, has joined its board of directors. Pascarella is a financial industry veteran who served as President and CEO of Visa USA from 1993 to 2005, overseeing its transformation into a global payment network.

In his new role on the LoanPro board, Pascarella will contribute his extensive experience and knowledge in financial services to help guide LoanPro’s next generation of credit offerings, set to launch this summer. Pascarella was attracted to LoanPro’s existing offering of highly configurable installment programs, as well as innovative new product development initiatives, with revolutionary credit card personalization through Transaction Level Credit on the horizon.

Image of Carl Pascarella

LoanPro CEO Rhett Roberts stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Carl Pascarella to our board. His deep knowledge of financial services, credit, and fintech along with his track record of success, will be invaluable in expanding our products and services for fintechs and financial service providers.”

Beyond having played a key role in Visa’s growth and evolution, Pascarella currently serves as Executive Advisor at TPG Capital, a global private equity firm, and sits on the board of several corporations.

About LoanPro:

LoanPro’s mission is to expand global prosperity by providing personalized financial products that everyone can trust. LoanPro specializes in building, launching, and managing loan programs that bring clients’ visions to life while giving them unparalleled data access, control, and streamlined compliance. The ultra-configurable platform offers a complete loan management solution by consolidating servicing, collections, payment processing, lending CRM, origination enhancement, and more, configured and managed in partnership with a best-in-class client success team.

Built to solve the former inadequacies of loan servicing, LoanPro has benefited from over 15 years of iteration, and today serves over 600 clients and and partners across every state and province in North America and Canada. To learn more visit us at

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