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In the rapidly evolving world of financial technology, the Stena Center for Financial Technology at the University of Utah stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. LoanPro is proud to announce its partnership with the center as an inaugural sponsor.

Launched earlier this year, with funding from the  Stena Foundation and in an alliance between the David Eccles School of Business and the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering, the Stena Center offers unique opportunities for both the students of the U of U and the professional community of the vibrant fintech industry in Utah. 

At the heart of the Stena Center’s mission is a pledge to foster advancements in fintech through industry-sponsored labs, startup incubators, venture funds, and fintech-focused degrees and certificates. The University of Utah President, Taylor Randall, says pairing education with fintech is like putting chocolate with peanut butter—magic. 

“The Stena Center for Financial Technology provides the ability to accelerate and incubate important advances in financial technology innovation and businesses that will continue to propel the fintech industry forward and cement Utah as a center of excellence,” Randall said. “This world-class center will leverage our unparalleled research and education with resources that provide critical hands-on experiences for students.”

The Stena Center’s commitment to collaboration is demonstrated through its recent partnership with LoanPro. This alliance involves a $300,000 gift in sponsorship from LoanPro to the center and access to LoanPro’s industry-leading lending technology platform. The strategic alliance between industry leaders and educators empowers students and faculty at the center to learn, build, iterate, and test within a real-world environment.  LoanPro’s platform offers a wealth of opportunities across various disciplines on campus. Students and faculty can leverage the platform to deepen their understanding of coding principles, explore the intricacies of the product development life cycle, and engage in market and product analysis.

By providing hands-on experience, this partnership accelerates and incubates fintech advancements while strengthening the fintech community in Utah.

The financial support from LoanPro will be utilized for student scholarships, faculty research, and to further the center’s overarching mission. However, the impact of this partnership goes beyond financial contributions. LoanPro’s lending platform offers many opportunities across various disciplines on campus: students and faculty can leverage LoanPro technology to deepen their understanding of coding principles, explore the intricacies of a product development lifecycle, and engage in market and product analysis. 

Rhett Roberts, a proud University of Utah alum, is excited to collaborate with the Stena Center and provide more significant opportunities for students. With his first-hand knowledge as a serial entrepreneur, Roberts understands the importance of nurturing the next generation of business leaders and solving real-world problems through technology. As part of the partnership, the LoanPro team will actively engage students and faculty, empowering students to gain valuable insights and forge connections within the fintech industry. 

To learn more about the Stena Center for Financial Technology, its mission, partnerships, and events, visit To learn more about LoanPro, its philanthropic efforts, solutions, platform, and community-building initiatives, visit

Laura Balmaceda

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